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Source from a pool of thousands of great people your employees already know.

Data Scientist
New Referrals
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Annie Thompson

Director of Data Engineering at Mondeo
Austin, Texas

Erick Steward

Sr. Data Scientist at GreatTrain
Austin, Texas

Ben Hafford

Business Intelligence Analyst at Joshua Doore
Austin, Texas

Get 35 great people from every employee

Your employees all know great people worth hiring. We make it ridiculously easy for them to share who those people are (regardless of what job they do) in 5 minutes. Then we match great people to open jobs.
Anybody who doesn’t fit an open job goes into your database of thousands of pre-vetted candidates for your recruiters to hire from forever.

One-click referrals

Don't ask your employees to track down emails and work history for every great person they know – we do that for them.
And there’s no need to bother employees with figuring out who does what job or if they’re looking for a new job – we figure that out, too.

Unearth contacts from any network

It's easier to remember great people when you have a list to choose from. We help employees look through contacts from any source – Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo, and more – and use these to create clean, uniform profiles for recruiters to source from.

Easy onboarding

Our automated reminders help everyone you sign up make it to the finish line. There's no need for recruiters to worry about who's finished or who's not engaged – just enjoy the results.

Start with your active referrals

Employees are good at thinking about who’s great. Then we match that list to your open jobs to get a ridiculous number of active referrals per employee – right to your inbox.

Finish with your passive referrals

We score each candidate on a range of data points, from which of your employees said they were great to how often that candidate shows up for other companies across the entire ROIKOI network.

Gauge talent across the entire ROIKOI network

You won't just see that Erick was referred by 4 out of 5 people in your organization – you'll also see that 32 other organizations have him in their referral databases as well.

Effortlessly source passive referrals for open jobs

We append professional profiles and work history to every referral you receive to automatically match the referrals you’ve collected to every new open job.

Manage your pipeline for every job

Easily move candidates through the pipeline or hide referrals who aren't a fit.

Or manage referrals in your ATS

You can even send referrals straight to your ATS. No matter which one you use.

Go in-depth into every candidate

Dive into any candidate's full work history, @ mention referrers when you need more details, and see the full lifetime of activity for everyone who's ever been referred.

Connect through email, phone, or a human introduction

Every referral has at least one email or phone number to make connecting as easy as possible. Or for warmer introductions, use our 'Get Introduced' feature for introduction through the people who know each referral best.

Never contact the same person twice

Don't waste time with people you've already hired – we always keep track of who's been contacted and for which jobs.

The no-brainer way to find and hire great people.

Let's get you started.