Smart Sourcing

Identify, attract, and hire great talent
through your team's existing relationships.

Step 1: Identify

Filter to great employee connections

ROIKOI identifies great employee connections via a simple interface, collecting an average of 35 recommended personal contacts per employee in 7 minutes. This builds a searchable, curated database of incredible talent already vetted by someone in your company.

Hand-picked talent

Source from your own pool of candidates who have all been pre-vetted by your team.

Strong Participation

Onboard your whole team or individuals with an automated onboarding campaign.

Full Profiles

Access email, work history, skills, photos, and social profiles – all automatically populated.

Step 2: Attract

Connect with candidates through warm introductions

ROIKOI matches great people to open jobs and uses your employees' existing relationships with candidates to start a conversation with 25% email reply rates, no matter their current job situation.

Automatic Matching

ROIKOI algorithmically matches top talent to your open jobs.

Personal Introductions

Request introductions or get looped into employee-initiated conversations.

Contact Directly

Send a personal email to any candidate, for exceptional response rates.

Step 3: Hire

Easily manage through hire

Either push great contacts to your ATS or track and manage them in your own sourcing database, where it’s easy to filter by role, sort by our proprietary fit algorithm, and interact with employees and candidates and achieve a 10:1 candidate:hire ratio.

Organize into jobs

Categorize and manage your database with simple job searches and progress tracking.

Scored and prioritized

Sort great candidates with our proprietary fit algorithm, particularly effective for niche roles.

ATS Integrations

Maintain a single database – we integrate with leading applicant tracking systems.

The most effective way to find and hire great people.